Week 5

İ have nevler heard before the prezi before :s in the lesson i listened the teaccher eagerly. And i liked it so much because it was just a game 🙂 When i was writing something, one of my friend was deleting it. What amazing it is 🙂 at the end When my freinds were writing i always deleted what they wrote and all of them said : don’t do this 🙂 it was just fun for me. İ understood its importance When i want home and i tried it home. İt can ve very useful in the lesson in the future 🙂


Week 4

Mobile learning ? İn the past, it was not Easy to get information so.only, you go to library, or you look at some books. However today the comdition has changed.each of the student can get the information Easyly thanks to the technological development.the place,the time is not important.this smalı devices help us alp time. Look at me .time is 06.41 pm. When i wake up, i can enter wordpress with my mobile phone.i hope in the future, they help me in my occupation life.



I started to understand the ımportance of technology by listening our teacher,by usıng thıs blocks.I want to ımply that :there is not a ınternet connectıon at home so,I can’t use the computer effectıvely :(at the same tıme there ıs no tıme to surfıng on the ınternet because ı have to study kpss.thıs is an dıffucult term for us.the goverment changed the system of kpss and we don’t know what wıll happen.ı prefer to study wıthout spendıng tıme on the ınternet.there are a lot of socıal medıa that prevent us studyıng.what else ı thınk ı have to gıve ımportance to call.I KNOW THIS AND ı always attend the lesson.

fırstly, I want to say that :we are learnıng to create blog page and we are leaving comment to each other.ıt ıs useful for us because wıthout wastıng tıme ın facebook,we can spend our tıme here.so we can develop our some skılls.at least we can read and wrıte.

Computer Assited Language Learning

In the second half of the 20th century education technologies were one of the most developed areas in the world. Computers which have entered the school life recently, are still developing day by day throughout the world. Today computers have become more powerful faster, easier yo use. They can process and store much more data as well.

The computer has changed the way people work, learn, communicate and play. It is used by students, teachers as a learning not only in Turkey but also in all over the world. 

Computer Assisted Language Laerning(CALL) is aterm used by teachers and students to describe to use of the computers as a part of language course. Students can work indivudually, into pairs, and groups in CALL. 

Computers offer learners various activities for developing language skills, reading, writing, speaking, listening and so on. But do you think computer enough for learning effectively in language course to these skills?